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Education Scholarships

The Kuculá scholarship program was formed to aid high performing students hailing from less fortunate backgrounds. The program beneficiaries are selected from across Africa or other locations worldwide, based on their performance in the university qualification examination or equivalent qualifications like high school or college diploma.

Awareness of the program is conveyed through public forums i.e. administrative chief’s forums, places of worship, through radio announcements and social media channels.

Applications are made at Foundation’s Website. Beneficiaries of the scholarship are selected by the Scholarship Selection Board (SSB), which is made up of key individuals, who reflect the knowledge of the social economic and educational backgrounds of the students as well as members of staff who guide the process of selection to ensure they conform strictly to the set-out criteria.

Leadership Development

We recognize that a country can never be better than its leaders and as such, prioritized nurturing leadership skills in the youth who demonstrated great promise.

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is a rigorous leadership development training program for top-performing students with the aim of creating a community of transformative leaders who work together across borders and various sectors to drive sustainable economic growth and social progress in Africa.

The scholars are exposed to a high-performing environment and are taught values of hard work, work ethics, customer service, communication skills, integrity and professionalism.

Health & Environment Education

This program aims at steeping awareness, and encouraging responsible actions for personal health and protection of the environment. This is premised on the environmental issues currently besieging the world.

By dint of this program, we seek to grow a population of young people who are conscious of their environment, and are keen to protect it. This is predicated on the understanding that we do not have any other world to live in. We have to take care of the one we have or else we perish.


Our mentorship program supports a scholar’s holistic development through four facets; encouraging academic excellence, developing a value-centered life, nurturing transformative leadership and embracing a culture of giving back.

Mentorship is offered at three different capacities:

University student mentors carry out school visits and monitor academic performance. They are mainly alumni of the program.

Through forums facilitated by SSBs and Kuculá Foundation staff, parents and guardians engage with mentors and scholars. These are career talks and giveback activities that aim to impact the community positively.

In an Annual Education and Leadership Congress, cohorts of Kuculá Foundation scholars come together for week-long intensive, inspiring and educative forums where they get to learn from the role models in society such as successful professionals, government persons, entrepreneurs, and community leaders.

Our Partners

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What We Do

Kuculá Foundation scholarships and programs target young people who have already displayed outstanding academic and leadership talents, to study in various universities.
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