Mission Statement

The Trust builds a better world through global fellowship programs that develop and connect compassionate, innovative, and public-spirited people committed to solving humanity’s challenges.
Kuculá Foundation brings together and develops exceptional people from all over the world, and in all fields of study, who are impatient with the way things are and have the courage to act.

Every scholarship granted makes for an immediate and lasting impact. Our Scholarships represent not only support for the next generation of Kuculá Scholars, but also a belief in our collective future – one that is even more connected, collaborative and impactful.

Kuculá seeks to support top performing students from financially challenged backgrounds. With support from other partners, the program also offers access to leadership training to these students, in a bid to mold them into agents of change, transformation and solution providers.

Our program seeks to assist in providing for the education needs with a view to ensuring the students broaden their minds and seek to extend such culture to younger ones when their access economic opportunities. We are premised on the fabric of togetherness for a purpose, with education at the forefront.

In order to achieve a wider impact, we are keen on organizing and promoting causes and activities in schools which will lead to the betterment of the mental and social capacities of the students. We also address the poor conditions in some schools in terms of lacking in infrastructure by upgrading them in concerted efforts with other partners and sponsors.

In contributing to leadership development in Africa through supporting African students undertaking tertiary study through our scholarship program, we strive to develop individual human skills across the African society, to help the continent achieve success and prosperity, and full participation in the global world. This makes Kuculá Foundation unique, measurable, sustainable and economically efficient.

Message from our Founder

From a young age my family taught me to always respect and help others. Growing up in Angola and at a time when the country was facing several adversities, I was always reminded that it is part of our social responsibility to take a proactive role in giving back to those who need it most.

It is with this in mind, that I made it a solemn promise to myself to give my contribution to my community, to my country and to Africa by founding and through the work of the Kuculá Foundation.

Education is no longer just for the privileged few, it is a right for everyone. My ultimate motivation is education. This, I believe to be the most essential element to form the basis of sustainable development for Africa — a continent that we all want to see reaching its full potential.

Education ought to be available to all. Whether for children, adolescents or adults, education is no longer just for the privileged few, it is a right for everyone.

That is why Kuculá Foundation is determined to have its footprint in this journey of enlightening minds for the betterment of the future generations.
Mirco Martins

Our Values





Our Theory of Change

The world needs leadership from ethical, creative and courageous people who are able to bridge cultures and disciplines. We therefore:


Kuculá Foundation scholarships and programs target young people who have already displayed outstanding academic and leadership talents, to study in various universities. We aim to create lasting positive relationships with future leaders, influencers, and decision-makers by:


Increasing access to tertiary education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds


Dedicate our time and expertise to programs designed to create a well-informed workforce for future generations


Social integration, through education and culture, our mission is to create equal opportunities for the sustainable development of African communities


Youth mentorship


Youth leadership training

Meet the Team

Mr. Amos Onyango

Amos Onyango is a trained teacher by profession. Currently, he is studying Masters of Arts in Ethics and Organisation Leadership at Tangaza University College in Nairobi, Kenya. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Literature from Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya. Amos is the Founder of Lawy Afrik Technology Limited (Lawy Afrik) an empowering and bold African fashion label with a simple aim; to renew a sense of pride in our African culture by creating a channel for all people to find confidence in expressing who they are.

He is also the Founder of Lawy Afrik Foundation a non-profit organization which aims to solve human security and development issues through easy and locally available solutions.

Amos is passionate about the African dream. He is a proponent of a self-sustaining Africa through locally made products and services, ideas and human resources. Amos is a cross cultural communication professional trained at Heinrich Foundation with a keen interest and bias towards Purposeful Communications.

Amos Onyango has authored three (3) books, an abridged personal memoir, Twists and Turns; A Story of Survival, Cyberbullying; A Crime Against Humanity and Trapped in Waithood; The Predicament of disempowered and disengaged African Youth. The books have opened his life and experiences to the wider African readership space who have appreciated it well so far.

As a young pan-africanist, he steers a wide-ranging team of young people inclined towards the Pan Africanism agenda, more so, as anchored in AU’s Agenda 2063.
Amos also lead key human interest initiatives in ten (10) African countries and two (2) in diaspora.

Amos Onyango is the immediate former Project Manager of the PLO Lumumba Foundation and Executive Assistant to Prof. PLO-Lumumba.

Our Partners

Please help us in our journey of enlightening minds for the betterment of the future generations

What We Do

Kuculá Foundation scholarships and programs target young people who have already displayed outstanding academic and leadership talents, to study in various universities.
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